Fuerte 2022

Explosive Fuerte Freestyle featuring New Caledonia's Antoine Albert

Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing) finished the 2022 Wave World Tour in 18th place, whilst the New Caledonian who comes from a Freestyle background claimed his place in the overall top 10 of the contorstionists of the windsurfing World. After competing in Gran Canaria, Albert then headed over to Fuerteventura for a Freestyle fix and you can see the highlights of that trip now @ https://youtu.be/P2I4i2xGcpw

Antoine Albert: "Action packed video clip from Fuerteventura summer 2022 where Toya and I spent over 2 month for training and enjoying. 
Thanks a lot to all the filmers:
Felix Volkhardt / Roger Protzen / Toya / Eilon Wilson / Omer Markman / Shania Raphael / Philip Haertel."