A Road Trip Adventure

Marc Paré heads North in the hope of finding some Norwegian nuggets on a forecast

Marc Paré (Fanatic / Duotone) spends plenty of time in Cold Hawaii, Denmark, but for a while he has had his sights on a trip to Norway if and when the right forecast popped up. Not too long ago, a solid forecast popped up, so the Spaniard wasted little time packing the can and heading further north in the search of wind and waves!

A Road Trip Adventure: “The 17th episode in the Write Your Own Chapter video series tells the story of a road trip adventure. 

It features windsurfer Marc Paré. After discovering Iceland in episode five, Marc hits the road again. Windsurfing the Norwegian coastline has been long overdue, the time was now. 

The recipe for a perfect windsurf road trip is straightforward: 

Be patient until the forecast aligns. Pack everything you can into the van, and a little more.  Study Google Maps but more importantly, immerse yourself in the local surf community. Talk to locals and gather advice. Allow yourself to get carried away by the local surf culture. Only then you will discover uncrowded but world class spots. 

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You can see the latest episode of Marc Paré’s Road Trip Adventure @ https://youtu.be/s74otfpADqw