Shorebreak Part 1

Josep Pons gives his top 4 tops for punching your way out through the shorebreak

Want to learn from one of the best wave sailors in the world? Well, now you can with the help of Josep Pons (CS Custom Boards / Point-7), who is going to talk your through his top tips on how to navigate the shorebreak, so that you can enjoy the waves without sacrificing too much gear needleslly... 

Josep Pons: "Here are my 4 top tips to get out through the waves easily. What to do during the launching at the shorebreak. 

- Timing
- Stay in the shallows
- Keep your gear high
- Board pointing to the waves - 90ยบ. 

Second part coming soon : How to cross the waves / shorebreak easily."

You can see Josep Pons' top 4 tips for punching your way through the shorebreak @