Chasing Surazo

Join Marc Paré as he continues to explore the stunning Chilean coastline in episode two of Chasing Surazo

Chasing Surazo: "In this captivating episode, join professional windsurfer Marc Pare and his companions on a journey of exploration and discovery as they venture beyond the familiar windsurfing spots of Matanzas and Topocalma to uncover the hidden gems of Chile's southern coast. From the rugged beauty of Llico and to the pristine beaches of Lebu, witness the breathtaking landscapes and meet the remarkable people that make this region of Chile so unique. Along the way, delve deeper into Marc's passion for windsurfing, his lifelong pursuit of the perfect wave, and his unwavering determination to push the limits of his sport. With stunning cinematography and unforgettable moments, this episode is a true feast for the senses and an inspiration to all those who seek adventure and the thrill of the chase."

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