Episode 2 of Ylem which sees Antoine Martin exploring Fiji and the World famous Cloudbreak

Antoine Martin (Starboard / NorthSails): "The second episode of Antoine Martin’s YLEM series is an encapsulating journey to Fiji, showing the life of a Pro Windsurfer on tour. From the vibrant island life to the extremities of competition, witness Antoine push the limits of windsurfing in one of the most incredible natural arenas in the world, Cloudbreak. From lay days to contest days, travel days to waves of a lifetime, it's our pleasure to show you behind the scenes of the IWT Wave Tour / PWA World Tour. 

“Every trip we feel lucky to experience new things - like traveling to one of the best waves in the world. This episode dives a bit more into the life experience to show you the many vantage points of our job. It is extremely satisfying to showcase another country and culture. Hope you will enjoy this one.”  - Antoine Martin 

Take a deep dive into one of the sport's most breathtaking spots through the lens of Antoine and filmer Matteo Nativelle. Special thanks to Jace Panebianco and Paul Van Bellen for additional footage.

Native Pictures presents the latest Windsurfing series "YLEM" a series from Antoine Martin with the help of North Sails Windsurfing & Mystic Boarding.

Editing: @matteonativelle8934"

To see episode 2 of Ylem visit @ https://youtu.be/o-WolT1Mrjg