2023 World Tour Recap

Antoine Albert shares his recap of the 2023 season, which saw the New Caledonian finish in the overall top 10 for both Freestyle & Wave

Antoine Albert (Goya Windsurfing) is one of the few sailors, who competes in multiple disciplines. The New Caledonian is both a world class freestyler and wave sailor, which is further highlighted by his success this season, which sees him ranked in the overall top 10 for both Freestyle and wave.

Antoine Albert: "The 2023 PWA season has now ended and I'm proudly standing 8th place overall in Freestyle and 10th place overall in Wave. It's been a long and intense year competing in both disciplines with a total of 6 events in 5 countries, especially with such a diverse wave tour that we had, but I'm grateful to have been able to compete in them all and be competitive in every kind of conditions both in wave and freestyle."

You can see Antoine Albert's recap @ https://youtu.be/L9j41fysNtc?si=2mQTg0cwqQQwIwUS