Epic Iceland

Marc Paré pulls the trigger on a last minute trip to Iceland to chase a big storm

Some sailors just love chasing storms... Marc Paré is one of them, so when he saw this forecast pop up for Iceland at the last minute, he didn't waste a second in getting the tickets booked and jumping on a plane in search of serious wind and waves.

Marc Paré (Duotone / Duotone): "I was in Denmark stuck without any wind or waves, when I looked at the forecast and saw a big storm was going to hit Iceland, I booked the flights and packed the bags without hesitation and the morning after we headed to Iceland! Once again it didn't disappoint, and scored some EPIC conditions! Got myself into some sketchy moments too... but was all worth it!

Thanks a lot to Dana and his family for the warm welcome and hospitality, you guys are awesome!"

You can see Marc Paré's epic last minute mission to Iceland @ https://youtu.be/WnVZ3wf7eU8?si=licMkcXNWygANhfR