Fully Charged

The Search - Episode 1 of Maciek Rutkowski's new video series, which sees the Pole head to Norway

Maciek Rutkowski (FMX Racing / Challenger Sails): "Been a while since I released a video but this is a good one :). We jumped into electric Porsche Taycans and went on a roadtrip around Scandinavia. Got really lucky with the weather, scored really fun conditions and discovered how easy electric transport is around these parts. This first episode is from Norway, where the landscapes were just totally overwhelming and we got a really good session in Pisserenna/Lista - I suck in starboard tack, but it was still really fun… except the rocks, those were crazy slippery! Theres’s also a bit of of a deeper angle, slight introspection... Anyway really happy with the end result and incredibly grateful to Porsche for this opportunity. A brand like this getting involved shows the marketability of windsurfing and I think this is the way we should try to sell our sport more and more. It’s only the best sport in the world after all! :)."

You can see the opening episode of Maciek Rutkowski's new video series @ https://youtu.be/IKAM_6c2ZmA?si=8dwWVtp1Np0tCPN_