Falling Down The Rankings

Dieter Van der Eyken gives a candid appraisal of his performance on the 2023 Freestyle PWA World Tour

Results wise 2023 may not have gone quite as Dieter Van der Eyken may have wanted - however he still finished in the overall top 16 in the world - and the Belgian has recently released a new edit, which is slightly different to the usual action videos as the former world champion reviews his performance from last season. 

Dieter Van der Eyken (Severne / Severne Sails): "The 2023 season might not have gone as plan but out of all negatives there are always positives to take. You sometimes need to fall down to step back up and to know what you really want to reach still.

A contest & its results doesn't always tell the real story or show the progress. In this clip I take you through my lead up to the season, the Fuerteventura contest & how the result there motivated me to push more past my limits in the months to follow.

2023 is done & dusted, 2024 is here and the motivation after 13 years on tour is still there to move forward. Not only in competition but also in coaching, media and everything that has to do with windsurfing.

Thanks to all for filming:

- Drone footage : PWA  /Johannes Hertel
- 2024 sails footage: Rafa Soul Art / Severne
- 2022 footage : FPT / AALVA MEDIA
- Aroa Alvarez, Julian Salmonn & many more

Thanks to Severne for the continuing support for 2024 & all the support over the last 20 years!

Stay tuned to my channels in 2024 for more quality content.

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You can see Dieter Van der Eyken's latest edit @ https://youtu.be/jkTvCJSCgj8?si=EYdsgLHWbC9Obrb9