Full Debut Season

Michele Becker shares his top 5 moments from his first full season tour which saw him impressively finish ranked 5th overall for 2023

Michele Becker (Patrik / Patrik Sails / Patrik Foils) made his debut on the PWA World Tour back in 2017. However, the now 25-year-old only completed the full circuit for the first time in his career in 2023 and things couldn't really have gone much better for Becker with the German finishing the season ranked in a hugely impressive 5th overall in the Slalom.

Over the course of the season, Becker recorded four top 10 results from the five events completed, while in the only event he didn't finish in the top 10 - Fuerteventura - he couldn't have come any closer - 11th. Becker has now been going back through his top 5 moments from the 2023 season and you can see those highlights @ https://youtu.be/Lr5ApgOlFQI?si=lwldqt4dKIS7pT0-