Kona Winds

Maui experienced an almost unprecedented run of Kona winds during January - here's a collection of some of the best action featuring reigning world champion, Marcilio Browne

Goya Windsurfing: "Experience the challenge of Maui's Kona winds, which lasted almost the entire month of January. Join world champion windsurfer Marcilio Browne as he experiences the good, the bad, and the ugly of these difficult conditions, emphasising how important it is to be dialed in with your equipment. This video features insights from board shapers Keith Teboul, Adam Lewis, and sail designer Jason Diffin, highlighting the art behind the sport. 

Special thanks to Aerial Video Maui and Fish Bowl Diaries for the breathtaking action footage.
Created by Levi Siver."

You can watch Marcilio Browne enjoying this ultra-rare run of Kona winds @ https://youtu.be/YKuLf-2ntjI?si=QV2faYIO-9rnD1OC