Preseason Buildup

The first event of the 2023 PWA/IWT Wave World Tour is now just a few days around, so we caught up with Japan's very own Takuma Sugi to see how he's feeling ahead of his home event.

The 2024 SPICARE Omazaeki Japan World Cup begins on the 19th February and runs until 25th Feb. Last year saw the contest completed in marginal conditions, so with a bit of lady luck shining on our side this time around we'll be able to see the full potential of Omazaeki, while giving the best wave sailors on the planet the perfect platform on which to shine. Ahead of the start of the season, we managed to catch up with home talent, Takuma Sugi (Tabou / GA Sails / Black Project Fins), who finished last season ranked 8th overall and has aspirations of finishing even higher in 2024.

PWA: It’s the first event of the season and it’s on home soil for you - how does it make you feel competing in front of a home crowd?

Takuma: I’m sooo excited for the event and meeting my friends in Japan. I’m so happy to show my sailing at a World Cup for Japanese supporters. Those may be very big pressures, but even that is something to look forward to. 

PWA: How have you prepared for this event during the off season? 

Takuma: We had 3 national event (JWA) in Omaezaki this winter so actually not really an off season! But I had good starboard tack training and really practiced concentrating on freestyle move in the waves. It went pretty well and I was also able to test a lot of boards in the same conditions.

PWA: You were 8th on the tour last year, what are your goals for this season? 

Takuma: My goal is TOP3 in the world this year. And anyway, enjoy windsurfing.

Good luck for the upcoming event and season Takuma!