Special Days

El Niño brings Dieter Van der Eyken's favourite spot to life for multiple days after waking from hibernation...

Dieter van der Eyken (Severne / Severne Sails): "First winter swells delivered some exceptional conditions in Tenerife this year. A spot that didn’t work a single time the previous winter blessed us with a few sessions close together just before & after New Year. 

On this occasion, with a great forecast I decided to take Rafa Soulart with me to capture the action for those days from the land & have him put this great edit together. Additional footage from the water came from my Surf-Survival instructor Mehdi Allam (Oceanic.motion) on the 3rd day, who faced the waves in the impact zone behind the camera to provide some unique angles to make this clip even more complete. 

My aim for this clip is to give you a look on what it feels like to be sailing out there, what the dangers are & how I challenged myself to aim to keep pushing on that wave knowing the danger it has in case things do go wrong.

It’s a wave that breaks extremely close to the rocks and where a mistake usually gets paid in cash (broken gear), yet allows some of the best wave riding on the island. It’s an exercise of letting go of the fear to go to the rocks, trusting in your abilities, yet keeping that common sense to not push too much past your limit to avoid an early exit in the session.

In the clip I also have included guest riders like Julian Salmonn, Matteo Iachino, Danny Bruch & some of the local sailing crew from Tenerife with who I share these unique sessions.

Big thanks to Severne for supporting this clip and my journey. 

Does this clip want to make you start wave sailing, improve your wave sailing or improve your windsurfing in general to one day be able to ride conditions like these? 

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View the full video now @ https://youtu.be/XaIsKS30kcY?si=SN-2qrFeHGxeXnfq