Extreme Slalom

What happens when you combine 40 knots of wind and waves with Nico Prien & Amado Vrieswijk on slalom gear?

Recently Tenerife has been enjoying a solid run of wind and waves. As many of you will already be aware, many of the world's top racers congregate in Tenerife for their winter training ahead of the upcoming new season. However, in between the training there's still some time for some fun, so Nico Prien (JP / NeilPryde / Chopper Fins) and Amado Vrieswijk (Future Fly / Severne Sails) decided to head out in 40 knot winds and waves, but armed with their slalom gear rather than wave setups... the results of which you can see @ https://youtu.be/eDQUhrneGdM?si=liO_TbIOt4PB4m-D