The Corona Extra PWA World Cup '07

Date: Oct 06 - Oct 13 2007 Disciplines: Men Wave Location: Tiree Island, Scotland

The island of Tiree has hosted an open contest for over 20 years, and now, courtesy of Corona Extra, Event Scotland and The Highland Year of Culture, its’ weathered shores and a prize purse of €30,000, will lure the sports elite in this landmark year for the highlands and islands of Scotland.Tiree enjoys a mild climate and claims the most sunshine hours in the entire British Isles, as well as the highest average wind speed. Exposed to powerful North Atlantic swell, and ferocious winter storms, its breathtaking white sand beaches will offer the mobile event a vast range of conditions to determine a worthy winner.Renowned for their warm welcome and Gaelic heritage, the tight-knit community of ‘Tir An Eorna’ will house the riders for what promises to be a unique experience. You can find out more about the location at


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