2012 Marseille, France

Date: Jun 20 - Jun 24 2012 Disciplines: Men Slalom Location: Marseille, France

South France

Windsurfing in this region is not dangerous (no extreme currents or killer rocks) but can be very challenging. South France has the best windsurf conditions in the spring and fall. When you visit this region in this period you shouldn't forget your small sails and spare-equipment, because when the local Mistral and Tramontane get going, the going gets tough. These winds blow from the mountains (Alpes) in the inlands creating winddirections varying from North to West, meaning off-shore or side-shore windconditions. Sometimes a wind from the South East called Marin occurs. It's hard to predict when exactly these winds appear. The Tramontane is the wind in the eastern part of this region. It can suddenly start blowing very hard and last for a very long time (without decreasing below 7 Beaufort). For predicting the appearance of the Tramontane use this phrase:

The Tramontane which wakes during the night only lasts for today, the Tramontane which wakes during the day can last for three, six or nine days.

The other wind in the eastern part is the Marin (blowing from the South East) and appears very frequent in the summer. This wind however is not as strong as the Tramontane. In the western part of this region the Mistral blows 42,7 percent of the days with wind.. This (cold) wind appears with an area of low pressure near Genua and an area of high pressure over the Atlantic.

Source: www.fluffy.demon.nl/nwindsurf/europe/france/fra_sou.htm

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