2016 La Torche, France (wave & Slalom)

Date: Oct 20 - Oct 30 2016 Disciplines: Men Slalom, Men Wave, Women Wave Location: La Torche

Wave from 20th - 26th October and Slalom from 25th - 29th October, Final ceremony 30th September

The myth of La Torche

If today La Pointe de la Torche is well known to lovers of surfing and other water sports, it is indeed windsurfing who made a legendary spot. The story goes back to the 80s. Then the place is a mecca for windsurfing and many competitions are held there. In 1986, a Windsurf World Cup takes place there in conditions of extraordinary storm. The public came in droves, attends a breathtaking spectacle. This is where Robby Naish, Robert Teriitehau and other windsurfing legends are born! The images of this anthology event were broadcast on television. This is the beginning of the media coverage of the sport, whose practice experience thereafter extraordinary growth. It was there almost 30 years ... If La Torche continued to host windsurfing competitions until mid-90s, it is now almost 20 years there have been no tests international on this legendary spot.

Source: latorchewindsurf.com/en/presentation/the-myth-of-la-torche

2016 La Torche, France (wave & Slalom)

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