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Maarten van Ochten

Maarten  van Ochten
Age: 37
Height: 189
Debut: 2008
Residence: Holland
Nationality: Dutch
Boards: JP
Sails: NeilPryde


1st PWA event Neusiedler See freestyle 2008, placed 17th
Windsuring History 2016:
33rd PWA Neusiedlersee Podersdorf 2016
14th EFPT Lanzarote 2016
Windsuring History 2012:
33rd PWA Neusiedlersee Podersdorf 2012
17th PWA Fuerteventura 2012
9th PWA Sylt 2012

Windsuring History 2010: 5th PWA Neusiedlersee Podersdorf 2010
9th. PWA Costa Teguise Lanzarote 2010
27th PWA Fueterventura 2010
9th PWA Sylt 2010
PWA 2010 Overall ranking 9th.
Windsuring History 2009: 5th EFPT Crete Palekstro
 15th PWA Lanzarote
Couldn't attend in other competitions that year, cost by serious injury on my foot!
Windsuring History 2008: 17th PWA Poderdorf
...... PWA Lanzarote (did not compete...)
19th PWA Fuerteventura ( 2 elliminations 11th place)
17th PWA Sylt
Windsurfing History 2007: 1st Aruba High Winds (Day 1)
Windsurfing History 3rd Young guns of Freestyle 2005
4th Young guns of Freestyle 2004
1st Young guns of Freestyle 2003 (PWA wildcard "Prince of the Lake"! )


JP, NeilPryde, Axis Physiotherapy, The TANIS GROUP, NP
Maarten  van Ochten
Maarten  van Ochten
Maarten  van Ochten