PWA Athletes

Aida Macià Gual

Aida  Macià Gual
Age: 27
Height: 0
Debut: 2008
Residence: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Boards: JP
Sails: NeilPryde


1st PWA Event, Costa Brava Formula 2008
1st Place in Catalan Championship during 2006-2007-2008
Player on the Spanish Championship 2007
Participant on PWA World Tour,Costa Brava 2008
- 1st place on the Catalan Championship (Funboard) in 2006-2007
- competitor in the Spanish Championship from Costa Brava- Sant Pere Pescador in 2007
- 3rd place in the Tarifa Windsurfing festival in 2007
- competitor in the Spanish Championship from El Ejido - Almeria in 2008
Windsurfing Ambitions: take part in a PWA event and keep on improving my style


JP, NeilPryde, Funcat, Buff