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Shawna Cropas

Shawna  Cropas
Age: 51
Height: 175
Residence: Ireland
Nationality: Canadian
Boards: JP
Sails: NeilPryde


2016 - 7th NoveNove Aloha Classic
2015 - 9th NoveNove Aloha Classic
5th Wave PWA Ireland 2001
1st in the British and Irish Wave comps 2002
Triple Crown Freewave Champion 2002
British Wavesailing Champion 2003

Shawna was raised in Vancouver, Canada on Sesame Street', with Dutch and American parents from French and Greek descent. Shawna spent three years traveling in Nepal, China, Vietnam and Southeast Asia whilst making Thailand her home. She also started a modeling career doing European TV commercials shot in Asia. She learnt to windsurf when she moved to Europe in 1997. Shawna and windsurfing were a fantastic match and within four years of learning, she was ranked in the top ten in the world and has held British and Irish Champion titles with her effortlessly powerful sailing. Since then she has traveled around the world creating travel features for the windsurfing press. Exploring New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Venezuela, the Caribbean, much of Europe, Egypt and the West Coast of America.

Shawna lives on the most westerly tip of Europe in Ireland, where she sails in world class wave sailing conditions and enjoys a slower pace of life in between her world wide adventures teaching, taking photos and windsurfing/surfing abroad.


JP, NeilPryde, Kaenon Sunglasses
Shawna  Cropas
Shawna  Cropas
Shawna  Cropas