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Tobias Schwarz

Tobias  Schwarz
Age: 31
Height: 0
Debut: 2008
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: Tabou Boards
Sails: Naish Sails


1st PWA Event Sylt Freestyle 2008, placed 17th

I started Windsurfing in 2005 on Fuerteventura. Back in Germany, I bought my own stuff (kidsrigg and 120l Freerideboard) and shortly after, I was somehow addicted to this sport. After 1 year I was unfortunately still surfing for my own until I met Michael Balluf. He’s one of the founding-members of Boddenstyle, a Freestylewindsurfing-team. I have to thank him that he involved me in the activities of the team, so that 1 year later I became a member of it. In this time I also met the guys from Supremesurf, a shop located in northern Germany. I’m very happy that they became my first sponsor.
The last year I’ve learned the basics of freestyle and improved my skills. A great advantage of Boddenstyle is that we are pushing each other in the team, so that the learning process is much shorter.
Primarily we are sailing on the Bodden, a shallow-bay with flatwater-conditions.
My passion is Freestyle-windsurfing, but I also went to Denmark and with my family to South Africa - I really liked it.

5th Jump & Style Contest 2007
6th DWC Freestyle Dranske 2008


Tabou Boards, Naish Sails, MFC,
Tobias  Schwarz
Tobias  Schwarz
Tobias  Schwarz