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Andraž Žan

Andraž  Žan
Age: 36
Height: 0
Debut: 2009
Residence: Slovenia
Nationality: Slovenian
Boards: F2
Sails: F2


1st PWA event Fuerteventura Freestyle 2009
Slovenian freestyle champion 2009, 13. Overall ranking in PWA 2009, 11. Overall in EFPT 2009 after just 2 events.
I started windsurfing when I was 10. First years I spend with my parents, windsurfing on local spots, mostly in Croatia. Later I started to join my friends, windsurfing in different spots around the world and I took their passion for freestyle. In 2004 I joined my first competition in Croatia. It was a local competition, but enough to get the first experience in competing in the sport I soon got addicted to. Then the same year I started slowly to compete in EFPT 1 or 2 events a year. In 2008 I started serious for the first time in EFPT event and took 13th place in Toro Andaluz ( In 2008 I joined also other EFPT events: King of the bay, 9th place (, Vassiliki Freestyle, 17th place (Vassiliki Freestyle, Milos Beach CORONA Lefkada Open, 13th place ( Overall ranking in EFPT in 2008: 20th place. For the past two years I am a part of Quiksilver windsurf school team – professional windsurfing school that travels to different spots and teaches people to windsurf. On one camp we have cca 50 students to who we try to pass our passion for windsurfing. We teach all levels of windsurfing – from total beginners to radical freestyle moves. In the other time I try to windsurf as much a s I can, try various spots with various wind and waves conditions. I spend whole last year and beginning of this year of training hard in Brazil-video: , Cape town Even though I know the competition is tough, I did my best to catch up with the latest freestyle / wave moves. This is the reason I would like to try myself on one of the biggest world windsurfing competitions ...
Windsurfing Ambitions:
I want to push freestyle to be more popular like it was in the past years when we had still prince of the Lake and those events. I am working for quiksilver windsurf school(clinics) where we motivate so many new people for windsurfing and they are just from Slovenia, in 2010 I will do my best to improve my results and try with friends to make this sport more valuable.


F2, Different Eyewear, CAAS, Madness, Choco Fins
Andraž  Žan
Andraž  Žan
Andraž  Žan