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Max Rowe

Max  Rowe
Age: 35
Height: 0
Debut: 2010
Residence: Great Britain
Nationality: British
Boards: Simmer Style
Sails: Simmer Style


1st PWA event entered Podersdorf Freestyle 2010

I’ve been competing on the PWA freestyle world tour for the past nine years and last years Fuerteventura event was the first event I have missed during this period. I had an injury that required surgery so unfortunately I wasn’t fit enough in time, I was however well enough to compete in Sylt where I finished in 17th Place. Here’s a story about my comeback Since then I’ve spent the winter training in Brazil and Cape Town and I hope to be able to compete again at the highest level this year.

25th PWA Leucate
5th EFPT Milos Beach
27th PWA Fuerteventura
9th EFPT Holland
1st Hayling Island Night Tow in
2nd British Freestyle Championships
9th PWA Sylt
15th PWA Bonaire
17th PWA Fuerteventura
14th Overall world ranking
5th EFPT Russia
9th EFPT France
5th Overall European ranking
13th PWA Austria
16th PWA Fuerteventura
9th PWA Holland
13th PWA Sylt
15th Overall world ranking
15th Overall PWA world ranking
17th PWA Austria
17th PWA Fuerteventura
13th PWA Sylt
15th PWA Vietnam
9th PWA Austria
13th PWA Bonaire
25th PWA Aruba
17th PWA Fuerteventura
19th Overall PWA freestyle world ranking
1st Poole windfest, UKWA
2nd Hayling Island NWF, Freestyle
1st Hayling Island Tow-in comp
9th EFPT Milos Beach
9th Overall European ranking
UK Vice Freestyle Champion
11th PWA Furertventura
17th PWA Lanzarote
33rd PWA Austria
17th PWA Sylt
21st Overall PWA freestyle world ranking


Simmer Style, Mystic, SunGod, Club Vass, Cat Rugged Phones
Max  Rowe
Max  Rowe
Max  Rowe