PWA Athletes

Adrian Beholz

Adrian  Beholz
Age: 34
Height: 0
Debut: 2010
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: Patrik Boards
Sails: Sailloft Hamburg


1st PWA event entered Freestyle Podersdorf 2010

Windsurfing since age of 7, first freestyle competitions with 16
9th slalom ifca Europeans
46th slalom viana do castello
7th efpt fuerte
11th efpt lanzarote
21st freestyle pwa ranking
55th slalom pwa fuerte

Beginning slalom
2015: 1. German Freestyle Battles
2014: 12th PWA Freestyle Ranking
1. German Freestyle Battles
2013: 14th PWA Freestyle Ranking
3rd EFPT Ranking
2nd German Freestyle Battles
2012: 3rd EFPT Ranking

My biggest succes: To be windsurfing all year long all around the world:)

2006: 2nd German Pro Kids Freestyle Trophy
2007: 5th overall Swiss Freestyle Tour
2008: 3rd overall Swiss Freestyle Tour
2009: 9th EFPT Lefkada
9th EFPT Crete
14th EFPT overal
2010: 3rd EFPT Leucate
12th EFPT overal
1st Place German Freestyle Battles Overal (2 times first)
last PWA Podersdorf
17th PWA Worldcup Lanzarote
2011: 3rd German freestyle Battles
5th Place EFPT overall
2012: 17th PWA Worldcup Podersdorf
2nd German Freestyle Battle 1.0
25th WC Fuerteventura
3rd EFPT overall


Patrik Boards, Sailloft Hamburg, Maui Ultra Fins, Surf Action Company
Adrian  Beholz
Adrian  Beholz
Adrian  Beholz