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Tristan Boxford

Tristan  Boxford
Age: 43
Height: 185
Debut: 1997
Residence: Great Britain
Nationality: British
Boards: Naish Boards
Sails: Naish Sails


Best results:   Semi finals World Cup Portugal ´96
3rd Overall British Wave Championships´ 98
British Wavesailing Champion 2000
3rd Production Board World Championships 2000

Favourite spot:   Guincho Portugal / Reunion Island
Favourite Fanatic board:   RIP 253
Favourite manoeuvre:   Big Vertical tweaked aerials
How I started windsurfing:   I started sailing dingies when I was about 5 years old and spent every waking moment in the water - Windsurfing was therefore a natural progression from this

Goals:   Ride as many perfect waves all around the world as I can and in the process, be as good as I can be - I want to retain my title in the UK, get the Production Board title and get into the top 5 overall in the World Cup

My opinion on life:   Life is there to be lived - it's up to us to make the most of every single moment we have and live it to the full - Enjoy!!!


Naish Boards, Naish Sails
Tristan  Boxford
Tristan  Boxford
Tristan  Boxford