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Albert Pijoan

Albert  Pijoan
Age: 40
Height: 170
Debut: 2011
Residence: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Severne Windsurfing


1st PWA event entered Gran Canaria 2011

Favourite discipline: Free wave sailing
Favourite spot: Cape Point
Favourite board: any board really, I like to adapt my windsurf to my tools, can be a 69 liter in twin mode for sailing in Pozo or a freeride Futura for enjoy some friends company.
Favourite sail: I am really glad to get two S.1 for light winds last year they work for me amazing, light, and smoothly to freesailing in wave or freestyle. Once Pozo switch on its time of Blade model.
Favourite manoeuvre: High Backloops and goiters are both the once give me best feeling but basicly a nice surfing is the main reason why I ll be doing windsurf till the end of my phisical possivilities.

How I started windsurfing: My older brother Toni show me how to enjoy the sea squeezing the wind and waves possivilities, big thanks bro!

Goals: Improve my windsurfing asimetricaly, surf big swells and hopefully share travels and sailing with friends.

My opinion on life: If got many opinions but several days ago I heart from Mark's Angulo portrait video a big truth while he was talking about we normaly pretend to grow and get bigger but in a certain point when you lie on the death bed you will not be talkig about getting more money you will talk about spend more time with your honey, your family and your friends.

I had competed in all windsurfing categories because I love windsurfing. Competitions give you an extra challenge to mesure yourself, for me is not about winning is more about learning fact. From the aloha class, Bic Techno, Mistral One Desing, Formula Windsurfing, Raceboard, Slalom, Wave and freestyle I had learn a lot even during the period when I just was sailing in offshore sailing boats races.


Starboard, Severne Windsurfing, Maui Ultra Fins, Prolimit
Albert  Pijoan
Albert  Pijoan
Albert  Pijoan