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Michi Schweiger

Michi Schweiger

Sail#: AUT-54
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Age: 44
Nationality: Austrian
Residence: Austria
Debut: 1996
Freestyle Results: king of the lake 2times 4th/ PWA overall 2times
9th/Austria Worldcup 2000 5th place/ silvaplana invitational 4th
Current PWA Rankings: bad
Freestyle: 1998/ 9th 1999/ 9th 2000/ 12th
active as a pro sailor and doing lots of R&D work for Naish Sails in terms of testing boards and sails.
Plans for 2002: get back on tour on wave and freestyle contests (after beeing fully recovered from my 2001 injuries) After beeing on tour for quiet a while it still is the perfect platform to come around and realize whats happening on the different spots around the world. which is good for my R&d work aswell.

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