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Danni Bay Jakobsen

Danni Bay Jakobsen
Age: 32
Height: 0
Debut: 2013
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Loftsails


1st PWA event entered Sylt Slalom 2013

Been windsurfing for the last 13 years and as a junior/youth my best result was a 7th place at the Slalom Worlds together with a Danish Championship. As a senior my best result is making the winners final at the slalom worlds, making the podium at the German Windsurfing Tour in both slalom, racing and long distance races last. In Denmark I am currently ranked 2nd in slalom/racing combined. Beside I have won several events e.g island races, long distance races and fun events.
2018: 3rd Nordic Championship (Slalom & Foil)
2017: Danish Champion (Slalom + Formula)
2017: 31th PWA Hvide Sande
2016: 2nd Nordic Championship Slalom, 2nd Danish Championship Slalom, top-6 German Tour events, PWA Hvide Sande 48th
2015: Injured
2014: 25th PWA Sylt

Windsurfing Ambitions:
To win the danish championship and do good in international events through hard work and many hours on the water doing slalom, foil and regular surf.


Starboard, Loftsails, Surfers Cup Jibe Clinic
Danni Bay Jakobsen
Danni Bay Jakobsen
Danni Bay Jakobsen