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Jeremy Plüss

Jeremy Plüss

Sail#: SUI-500
Age: 22
Nationality: Swiss
Residence: Switzerland
Debut: 2012
1st PWA event entered Podersdorf freestyle 2012

The first time I stood on a board was in 2000. I started freestyleing in 2007.
Since then I'm fully adiccdet to this sport and I'm practising as much as possible.
I used to live at the lake of Biel where I was training while I went to School. 2012 - 2014 I was travelling a lot to train at the best spots in the world.
Since November 2014 I'm staying in Berlin. I'm living from windsurfing and playing music with my band "The Pitchers" which I all motivated to start windsurfing too! They all love it and we'll promote the sport as much as possible. We'll be sailing at the east and north cost of Germany where I'll be training when I'm not abroad!

Rooky of Mondial du Vent 2010
13th EFPT Mondial du Vent 2010
3rd Swiss Freestyle Battle 2.0 2010
5th Dahab Festival 2011
2012 33th PWA Worldtour Podersdorf (OE) 2012
3rd Swiss Freestyle Battle, Murten (CH) 1.0 2012
7th EFPT Sigri 3Style Area Cup (GR) 2012
25th PWA Worldcup Sylt (D) 2012
17th EFPT European Funboard Expression - Six fours Les Plages (FR)
9th EFPT Centaur King of the Wind - Weymouth (GB)

Overall ranking PWA Worldtour: 39th Place
Overall ranking EFPT: 9th Place

Tabou Boards, GA Sails, Choco Fins