PWA Athletes

Rasmus Oegelund

Rasmus  Oegelund
Age: 31
Height: 0
Debut: 2012
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Boards: Patrik Boards
Sails: Sailloft Hamburg


1st PWA event entered Podersdorf freestyle 2012

- Summer 2007: Started windsurfing
- 2010: Won every juniorevent in Denmark, Danish Champion. Started a windsurfing club, with soon 50 + members
- 2012: Entered PWA Podersdorf, got a lot of experience and motivation! 1st in all 5 freestyle events in DK. Danish Freestyle Champion. Entered PWA Sylt.
- 2013: Travelled to West Australia for 3 months. Entered PWA Podersdorf again, this time a lot more comfortable with competing, did the night tow-in show. 
Won every freestyle competition with not a single heat lost in DK. Danish freestyle champion.
- 2014: Spend 3 months in SA training. Entered PWA podersdorf again. Won every freestyle competition in Denmark. 5th in national waves.
- 2015: Spend 10 months in Australia windsurfing and surfing all over the country, focused a lot more in waves and entered a couple of competitions there too. Entered PWA Sylt.
- 2016: Established Copenhagen Surf School. Spend some wintertime on Tenerife getting comfortable in very choppy conditions:


Patrik Boards, Sailloft Hamburg, Quiksilver
Rasmus  Oegelund
Rasmus  Oegelund
Rasmus  Oegelund