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Hanna Heidemann

Hanna  Heidemann
Age: 30
Height: 0
Debut: 2013
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German


1st PWA event entered THE 2013 DAM7 PWA WORLD CUP, NETHERLANDS (Freestyle)

Windsurfing History: I windsurfed the first time about 6 years ago during a summer holiday and i immediately liked it so much that I wanted to keep on doing it. For the next couple of years I still was only able to do it on holiday once a year as I didn't live at the sea, but when I started to work at windsurf schools at the north sea during my summer-holidays I got to surf more and more. After I finished school last year I decided to take a gap year, so I went for nearly 5 months as a windsurfing-instructor to Naxos. There I improved a lot and got really hooked with the sport, spending all my spare time on the water to practice. Last December I started my next job at JibeCity on Bonaire, where I, very impressed by the crazy tricks I saw from the Bonairean freestylers, started practising on my first moves too.

Windsurfing Ambitions:I want to improve my freestyle-level by surfing at lots of different places around the world and of course having a lot of fun on the water practicing!


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Hanna  Heidemann
Hanna  Heidemann