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Karl-Emil Magaard Bøgh

Sail#: D-253
Nationality: Danish
Residence: Denmark
Debut: 2013
1st PWA event entered Sylt freestyle 2013

My windsurfing life started back when I was 14 years old(2008). My father introduced me to the sport, and since then windsurfing has been a major part of my life. I simply love windsurfing and therefor I am the water on every windy day here in Denmark.
Things went pretty fast after I started, and right from the start I was fascinated by the freestyle discipline.
Today it´s been a while since I started windsurfing, and now compete in every part of the Danish ranking list. I really like being at the competitions as the atmosphere is so great and you are gathered with so many who love windsurfing.
I like competing as it keeps me motivated to learn more and push myself even more.

My best results in the Danish rankings are following:
1st. U 19 freestyle Danish championships 2011
3rd. U 19 Wave Danish championships 2011
1st. U19 Wave 2012 – Danish ranking winner

Windsurfing Ambitions: Ambitions for my windsurfing career is to continue to improve my level and hopefully to attend the whole PWA freestyle tour some day!! I feel that I am ready to take a step forward and attend the PWA Sylt.
Besides being ambitious competing, I also really like introducing others to the sport! How I do this is for example by teaching in our local surf club, which I do along with Rasmus Oegelund who is attending the PWA freestyle tour. I am ambitious for the sport in general and I like to promote it.
This year I got asked to be freestyle instructor at the biggest summer-camp I Denmark named Westwind Young Gun Camp summer edition.
West Wind is my sponsor and in the summer months I instruct beginners, and surf alot as a summer job.

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