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Björn Dankers

Björn  Dankers
Age: 28
Height: 0
Debut: 2014
Residence: Germany
Nationality: German
Boards: Tabou Boards
Sails: GA Sails


1st PWA event entered DAVIDOFF Cool Water Windsurf World Cup Sylt 2014 Slalom

I started windsurfing in Sylt when I was 8 years old. Since that I am addicted to windsurfing and it's the biggest part of my life. I spent a lot of time on Sardegna or in Denmark to improve my windsurfing level. My second home is Sylt, I spent more than 10 weeks in one year on this island. In the last ten years i spectated at all PWA World Cups on Sylt. My goal was to compete with all my big idols on Sylt. Since 2008 Patrik Diethelm and Karin Jaggi are supporting me to push my level. After my A-level in 2013 i spent the whole summer on Karpathos to improve my slalom skills. As well I am working every day on my physical fitness.
In 2014 i entered first PWA Event on Sylt. After a lot of injuries in 2015, I spent the winter on Tenerife to train for the upcoming season.
2008 1. place Starboard freestyle contest (Fehmarn)
2012 DWC Sylt Top 30 (2. place Rookie) - First Slalom Event
2014 IFCA WM/DWC Sylt 28. place (2. place Youth) - Slalom


Tabou Boards, GA Sails, Maui Ultra Fins, Brunotti Sportswear, bugatti-Team Sylt
Björn  Dankers
Björn  Dankers
Björn  Dankers