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Carina Staltner

Carina  Staltner
Age: 34
Height: 0
Debut: 2015
Residence: Austria
Nationality: Austrian
Sails: Hot Sails Maui


1st PWA event entered freestyle 2015 PWA Fuerteventura Grand Slam.

2015 ranked 9th overall PWA Freestyle

I started windsurfing in 2007. I windsurfed every now and then, especially during summer vacation in Greece. The last year I traveled to some of the windsurfspots around the world, such as Cape Town, Brazil and Bonaire. At home I enjoy to sail at the lake Neusiedl or under the bridge in Vienna.


Hot Sails Maui
Carina  Staltner
Carina  Staltner
Carina  Staltner