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Anissa Mohrath

Anissa  Mohrath
Age: 32
Height: 163
Debut: 2015
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Boards: Tabou Boards
Sails: GA Sails



None in my family are sailors or surfers, so why should I windsurf? Trying it out in the summer 2007 full equipped with kids rig and alu mast as 16 years old - yes, it is not optimal for a 16 years old, but the old and bigger equipment were too heavy for me as I didn't got the strength in my back. Anyway, every one who tried out windsurfing knows how difficult it can be but with the fighter instinct almost everything is possible. I always had a competitive mind from my previous water sport as an athletic swimmer and in water polo, and I enter the competition quick. After 2 year I started Formula/Slalom windsurfing and on the third year I began competing in the danish ranking. I step that shows to develop me in a quick way even though I was alone without any support from my family. In 2012 I took part at the World Championships with no experience at all, and first time windsurfing out of Denmark and first time travelling alone in additional. It was a huge experience and it matures me. This event shows to be the kick start for an international carrier with mostly competitions in Germany as it is close to Denmark (and everyone knows how expensive a sport it is itself and as a full-time student, it is hard to get all my dream comes true). But this year I am going ALL IN starting the year competing in the Formula World Championships in Portugal in April winning the event in the women fleet out of five women making the world title unofficial. Then a lot of danish and germans events. The Summer Opening/Euro-cup on Sylt was the worst experience ever for me as it was onshore wind almost everyday and shore breaks there I were not able to go through. The latest big event was the Formula/Slalom Nordic Championships where I also took the title out of seven women. The best thing I know is to race together with other women. More results and news are seen on my website and it is also possible to follow me on facebook under the covername AM Production. My sponsors have now make it possible for me to take part of the PWA for the first time which I am very excited about.


Tabou Boards, GA Sails, Nordmann Tool Monitoring,,, Winheller-prototypes
Anissa  Mohrath
Anissa  Mohrath
Anissa  Mohrath