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Sam Green

Sam  Green
Age: 29
Height: 0
Debut: 2016
Residence: Australia
Nationality: Australian


1st PWA event entered Podersdorf Surf World Cup freestyle 2016

My parents co-own the windsurf business Club Vass. I grew up in this environment and learnt to windsurf from a very early age, I think I was about 2 ½ for my first go on a Mini Bic. For the rest of the year we lived in Sydney Australia so I enjoyed an endless summer lifestyle. Through my teenage years I was especially lucky to have the Club Vass boys as mentors including PWA sailors Andy Chambers and Max Rowe. I became a Windsurfing instructor at 16 and once I finished high school in Australia 3 years ago I have travelled the world either teaching windsurfing or developing my own skills. I based myself at Club Vass where I am an (RYA) Advanced Instructor, and have trained during the winter in meccas such as Jericoacoara Brazil, Dahab Egypt, and Cape Town South Africa.

king of camocim 7th PWA podersdorf 16 33rd PWA Fuerte 16 33rd


Venti 20, Club Vass, The Yeti Shop, Boardwise
Sam  Green
Sam  Green
Sam  Green