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Martin Juhl Malone

Martin Juhl  Malone
Age: 26
Height: 0
Debut: 2016
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Sails: Point-7


1st PWA event entered Hvide Sande, Denmark Slalom 2016

My Name is Martin Juhl Malone, I am 18 years old and from Denmark. I am a full-blooded slalom sailor, and there is nothing I love more than being locked in in the race mode on the downwind course. I had a very short carere in formula sailing, however the intensity from slalom was lacking, and i have therefore decided to put all of my focus on slalom. As soon as I heard that the PWA had decided to make an event in Denmark I knew what I had to do! The last year I have really been putting in the work both on the water and in the gym, and I have really seen improvement. Last year I did a 2-week trip to Lanzarote where I did some intense training together with Kurosh Kiani, which helped me move my level by miles! I have signed in to another surf-club 1,5 hours from my house to get the race training that I need. Here we have been able to complete as many as 8-10 races every training, and this has really given me the necessary race experience that is needed to race in a competition like the PWA. I have also participated in the Danish nationals for the last 2 years. We have however not really been able to complete any real eliminations since last year in Ringkøbing where we in nuclear winds managed to do 3 eliminations, where I in one heat made an 8th place overall. Not much but considering that racing was relatively new to me back then it shows that I have got what it takes to race in these conditions. My batleweight of 100kg also helps me to hold those big sails in the times of intensity. Furthermore, this race was a year ago, and I feel that I, with the experience gained and an upgrade in equipment am now capable of doing a lot better!

I am a Point-7 team rider and I am racing their 2016 Ac-1 sails along with the 2015 Starboard Isonic and the Maui Ultra fins, so I have got the setup and the skills to compete at this high level.


Martin Juhl  Malone
Martin Juhl  Malone
Martin Juhl  Malone