PWA Athletes

Akira Kudo

Akira  Kudo
Age: 31
Height: 187
Debut: 2017
Residence: Japan
Nationality: Japanese
Boards: Tabou Boards
Sails: Gan Eurocourtage


1st PWA event entered PWA Japan WORLD CUP 2017

2017 fly Ana pwa 53th. 2017 National Sports Festival 3rd. 2017-2018 Japan protour #4 Amami 5th.
Windsurfing Ambitions: As a professional, having lots of people know about windsurfing. I would like to enter within 10th place in PWA's annual ranking.
2016 Sailing World Cup Weymouth 15th
Previous Events Applied For: jwa slalom ooita 2017


Tabou Boards, Gan Eurocourtage, F4 Foils, Finish Fins, Brunotti Sportswear
Akira  Kudo
Akira  Kudo