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Micah Buzianis

Micah  Buzianis
Age: 53
Height: 188
Residence: United States
Nationality: American
Boards: JP
Sails: S2Maui


Born in Denver: on 11/19/70, Colorado to Jay Buzianis and Charlotte Strong. Moved to Erda,Utah shortly there after. Began windsurfing on small lakes through out Utah then made the move to Maui at age 16 with father to pursue windsurfing.
Raced in the Maui summer series until graduating from St. Anthony high school. Then got sponsored by North Sails and began testing and training with Pierre Jeangirard to pursue a professional career in windsurfing. Started competing professionally full time in 1990 on the Professional world tour.

2015 6th Noumea Dream Cup, ranked 12th overall PWA Slalom
2013 ranked 8th overall PWA Slalom
2012 ranked 3rd overall PWA Slalom
2011 6th PWA Slalom
2010 4th PWA Slalom
2009 4th PWA Slalom
2008 broke leg in Turkey, ranked 20th overall Slalom


JP, S2Maui, MPG, Streamlined
Micah  Buzianis
Micah  Buzianis
Micah  Buzianis