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Oliver Townsend

Oliver  Townsend
Age: 29
Height: 0
Debut: 2018
Residence: Great Britain
Nationality: British


1st PWA event entered Fuerteventura Freestyle 2018

· UKWA pro Freestyle 2015 ranked 7th overall
· Vassiliki Tow in 2016 ranked 2nd
· King of Camocim 2014 ranked 7th
· King of the trench 2016 ranked 2nd
· 2xs uk windsurf championship 2017 ranked 5th

I started windsurfing when i was 10 years old and immediately fell in love and now my whole life is run around my favorite sport.
It was very disappointing for me last year not being given the opportunity to compete in feurte, it has been a dream of mine since i started my freestyle journey. I have now been training freestyle for 8 years doing my best to spend every moment possible on the water. I have spent the last 7 years working at Club Vass teaching windsurfing and training with my friends who compete on the tour. As well as training in Vass i am also going on trips to cape town and brazil in the winter. After all this time i feel like my level is at its best.
Completing a PWA tour has been my primary focus since i started freestyle and is an opportunity i have been working hard towards for many years now. Only now do i truly feel ready.
I understand that i do not have a well known public profile in the windsurfing community, only the videos i post and a couple of mentions in the cape town training diaries. But i can assure that i have a true passion for the sport and i want my profile to grow and pursue a life with in the sport.


Dakine, Club Vass, Boardwise
Oliver  Townsend
Oliver  Townsend
Oliver  Townsend