PWA Athletes

Coraline Foveau

Coraline  Foveau
Age: 24
Height: 0
Debut: 2018
Residence: Andorra
Nationality: French
Boards: Flikka


1st PWA event entered Tenerife World Cup 2018

Girl’s U20 - 2018 Tenerife PWA World Cup, 3rd

I started windsurfing at 14 years old and I have never been addicted ever since. Living in the north of France near Wimereux and Wissant I quickly discovered the discipline of the wave after discovering that of the slalom. I started the slalom competitions in 2016 and now I'm going to wave competitions because I love this discipline ..


Flikka, GUNSAILS, Mercedes-Benz
Coraline  Foveau
Coraline  Foveau
Coraline  Foveau