PWA Athletes

Brian Røgild

Brian  Røgild
Age: 53
Height: 186
Residence: Denmark
Nationality: Danish
Boards: Starboard
Sails: Loftsails


2 overall nordic champ 2016 3 slalom- winner of slalom ranking and over overall in Denmark many times up to 2012. Second in slalom 2013 and 2014. Best Danish speed in gps 2s-10S-500m and official Dansih gps 10s record. Top 50 Defi 2015 best race 26. Have done many Pwa events up to 2003-4 Lots of top10 in the pwa formula events, Grandslam Fortaleza 1999 10 Formula Worlds 2000 3- Ifca Worlds 2002 3 Pwa leba 2002, 5.


Starboard, Loftsails
Brian  Røgild
Brian  Røgild
Brian  Røgild