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Jason Polakow

Jason  Polakow
Age: 52
Height: 182
Debut: 1990
Residence: Australia
Nationality: Australian
Boards: JP Australia
Sails: NeilPryde


Years on Tour: since 1990

For over 20 years, Jason Polakow has attracted international acclaim as one of the world’s best wave sailors. In particular, Jason is renowned for his wave riding ability, which he is widely considered to be one of the best of all time.

Jason first rose to prominence in windsurfing establishing a whole new style and direction in wave-sailing that redefined the sport early in his career. This new style was largely facilitated by Jason’s trend setting departure from using traditional “asymmetric” board designs, to his own symmetrical “pintail” shapes. This ground breaking move paved the way to a whole new era in board design, which is still evident in the most contemporary shapes being produced today. As a result of this, Jason is recognised by many as the father of modern wave-sailing.

Jason is also one of the few competitors to have ever launched a successful board brand – the “JP Australia” brand - which, since its inception has been synonymous with the most technically advanced equipment and the highest quality of production through its association with the Polakow name

Jason is also a double World Champion having topped the PWA rankings not once, but twice during his career, a feat only accomplished by a very select few windsurfers in history.

Personal Achievements:
"I am proud to have reintroduced the pin-tail shape into windsurfing and to have established it as the modern standard in wave bard design. When I came to Maui everybody was using asymmetrical boards, which were considered the ultimate for wave sailing at the time, my style convinced them otherwise...
I’m proud to have established my own sailboard brand."

Personal quotes:

Results History:
1990 - This year I won every wave sailing event I entered
Victorian Champion--Australian Champion

1991 - No1 - Maui Grand Slam
PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 2

PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 3

No1 - Maui Grand Slam
No1 - Grand Slam Japan
PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 2

- Out due to severe knee injury

PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 5

No1 - Grand Slam Sylt, Germany
PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 3

No3 - Fiji
No2 - Grand Slam Gran Canaria, Spain
No1 - Grand Slam Sylt, Germany
Launching my own brand just in time for ISPO
PWA Wavesailing World Champion
... 1st PWA Wave tilte

No1 - Maui Wave Classic
No1 - Fortaleza, Brazil
PWA Wavesailing World Champion 1999
...2nd PWA Wave title

No1 - Baja, Mexico
No3 - King of the Lake (Garda) - Freestyle
PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 4

PWA Wavesailing World Ranking No. 3

out of competition for the first half of the year due to injury
7th - PWA Pozo / Gran Canaria - Wave
1st - PWA Sylt / Germany - Wave
1st - PWA Ireland - Wave

Equal 1st PWA Vargas / Gran Canaria - Wave

7th - PWA Pozo / Gran Canaria – Wave
13th - PWA Sylt / Germany – Wave

1st PWA Hawaii Pro – Wave
1st - PWA Sylt / Germany – Wave

4th PWA Hawaii Pro – Wave

2nd PWA JP Aloha classic Maui – Wave

4th PWA Cape Verde World Cup - Wave
9th PWA Portugal – Wave
7th PWA Brazil – Wave
1st PWA Scotland – Wave
Ranked 7th PWA Wave Ranking 2007

3rd PWA Cape Verde World Cup – Wave
9th PWA Sylt / Germany - Wave

13th Cabo Verde Wave
Injured for large part of 2009

2014 4th AWT Pro Fleet - Starboard Severne Aloha Classic


JP Australia, NeilPryde, Red Bull, Gloryfy
Jason  Polakow
Jason  Polakow
Jason  Polakow