PWA Athletes

Jose Nasciemento Silva

Jose Nasciemento  Silva
Age: 35
Height: 0
Debut: 2002
Residence: Cabo Verde
Nationality: Caboverdian


First Event : Vargas 2002
Windsurfing History: I started windsurfing when I was 11 years old in Santa Maria , Cabo Verde. I was taught by some of the older Caboverdians who were working in the Windsurf school, and as I got older I started working in the school also and got to sail more. For many years I couldnt sail as much as I wanted to because we didnt have enough equipment, but during the last five years I have been helped out a lot by Keith Teboul and Josh Angulo and I have gotten good equipment so I can sail all the time. Josh has been coaching me and some of the other kids to compete professionally and to be professional on land. We sail all types of conditions on Ilha do Sal and We are getting very good. We watch videos of all the top pros and try to do the same as them. I have never competed but Josh makes us sail heats and teaches us how competition sailing needs to be consistent and that scoring the points to advance is more important than doing the most radical move. I hope that I am give
Windsurf Ambitions: Spread the stoke of windsurfing to as many people as I can, represent my sponsors well and make a living . Get to travel and compete and win a world title.
Sponsors: Josh Angulo, Ezzy


Ezzy Sails, Josh Angulo