PWA Athletes

Vidar Jensen

Vidar  Jensen
Age: 52
Height: 180
Debut: 1990
Residence: Spain
Nationality: Norwegian
Sails: Duotone


2008 ranked 10th overall PWA Wave
2007 4th Pozo Wave

Born in stavanger Norway but lived since he was 8 years old in the Canaries,where he took up winsurfing as a youngster.Then left school early to fulfill his dreams of becoming a pro windsurfer.

Sporting Achivements on the PWA world tour :

Several Event Wins and podiums over the years.

Latest Win Pozo 03.

Overall finishes PWA Waves:
95:7th. 96:8th. 97:10th. 98:5th. 99:4th. 01:4th
02:6th. 03:3rd. 04:2nd.

Overall Freestyle:
98:3rd. 00:7th. 01:4th. 02:10th.

Super X: 11th overall 04.
3rd costa brava 04.

Vizeworldchampion waves 04.


Duotone, Drops Boards, Helly Hansen
Vidar  Jensen
Vidar  Jensen
Vidar  Jensen