PWA Athletes

Nicolas Akgazciyan

Nicolas  Akgazciyan
Age: 39
Height: 178
Debut: 2001
Residence: France
Nationality: French
Boards: JP
Sails: NeilPryde


1st 2014 Warsaw PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup Men's Freestyle & 2nd Men's Slalom
2018 9th Fuerteventura Freestyle
2016 6th Fuerteventura
2015 ranked 4th overall, 3rd Fuerteventura, 9th Mondial Du Vent, PWA World Cup, Leucate
2012 5th Podersdorf Surf World Cup
2011 9th place PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf
2010 ranked 7th overall PWA Freestyle
2008 ranked 8th overall PWA Freestyle
2007 ranked 8th Freestyle
6th King of the Caribbean 2003
1st London Indoor, Men's Freestyle 2005


JP, NeilPryde, L'Artisan Groupe OPB, ClimatPur Maintenance, Sooruz, Le Grand Narbonne, Leucate, Pierrick Harangwine, Maui Ultra Fins
Nicolas  Akgazciyan
Nicolas  Akgazciyan