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Elton (Taty) Frans

Elton (Taty)  Frans
Age: 40
Height: 176
Debut: 2002
Residence: Bonaire
Nationality: Dutch
Boards: Future Fly Boards
Sails: Point 7


2017 9th Fuerteventura Freestyle
2016 Ranked 6th overall Slalom, 4th Podersdorf Surf World Cup, 7th Fuerteventura freestyle & 8th Slalom, 10th Slalom Sylt & 17th Freestyle, ranked 9th overall Freestyle
2015 Ranked 6th overall Freestyle, 2nd Noumea Dream Cup Slalom, 6th Mondial Du Vent, PWA World Cup, Leucate, 6th Fuerteventura Slalom
2nd 2014 Warsaw PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup Men's Freestyle , 9th overall both Slalom & Freestyle
2013 ranked 8th overall PWA Freestyle
2012 ranked 4th overall PWA Freestyle

Windsurfing History
I started windsurfing when I was 11. After 2 years I started competing in Local races in Bonaire and Curacao.
Following are the results from the last 4 years

Curacao Regatta 1st IMCO Juniors
" 3rd overall
Habitat sailing competition 2nd Juniors
Copa ana de Reina 2nd juniors
Copa Cultimara 1st Juniors

Angola sailing competition 3rd Juniors
Karels beach Comp. 1st Juniors
Copa Julia 1st Juniors
Aruba High Winds 3rd juniors
" 3rd freestyle
Bonaire Sailing Regatta 3rd IMCO

Curacao regatta 1st Juniors
" 2nd overall
Karels beach 2nd men
Aruba High Winds 1st course race
" 1st Slalom
" 2nd long distance
" 3rd freestyle
Copa Cultimara 1st Juniors
" 1st Freestyle king of Lac Bay
Dia di Bonaire Race 1st juniors
Bonaire sailing regatta 2nd juniors
" 3rd Imco men
" 1st Freestyle king of Lac Bay.
North Am. Ch ship Canada 1st Imco juniors
" 5th overall
End of the year race 2nd juniors

2nd place free style in Cape Cod 2001
Habitat sailing competition 4th juniors
Curacao regatta 1st juniors
" 1st overall
Midwinters Merrit Island USA 2nd Freestyle
" 1st IMCO Juniors
Karels beach competition 1 st Imco
" 1st freestyle
" 3rd Formula
King of the Cape (Cod) 3rd place free style

EXTRA Special Motivation Prince Lions Club 1999 – 2000
Winner Indebon Sponcerperson of the year 2000
" 1999
" 1998
2007 ranked 10th PWA Freestyle
2008 ranked 7th PWA Freestyle, 25th Slalom
2009 ranked 6th PWA Freestyle
2010 ranked 2nd overall PWA Freestyle
2011 3rd place Vietnam PWA Freestyle, 5th PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf, 3rd place PWA Bonaire, ranked 4th overall
2012 2nd Podersdorf Surf World Cup


Future Fly Boards, Point 7, Brunotti Sportswear, ZFins, ZFoils
Elton (Taty)  Frans
Elton (Taty)  Frans
Elton (Taty)  Frans