PWA Athletes

Douglas Diaz

Douglas  Diaz
Age: 37
Height: 0
Residence: Venezuela
Nationality: Venezuelan


Windsurfing history:
- 3rd Slalom General MEN Venezuelan National Championship W&K, Venezuela 2014
- 3rd Slalom PRO aruba Hi Winds international, Aruba 2009
- 2nd Freestyle Aruba Hi Winds international, Aruba 2009
- 1st Freestyle Aruba Hi Winds international, Aruba 2008
- 16th PWA Freestyle world ranking overall 2007
- 10th PWA Freestyle world ranking overall 2006
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Indoor Samsung Mobile, Belgium 2006
- PWA Vice World Champion Freestyle overall 2005
- 1ts PWA Freestyle Lanzarote, Spain 2005
- 6th PWA Freestyle grand slam Gran Canaria, Spain 2005
- 3rd PWA Freestyle World ranking overall 2004
- 2nd PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura , Spain 2004
- 4th PWA Freestyle Lanzarote, Spain 2004
- 3rd PWA Indoor Freestyle KONEFUNDOOR Bercy, Paris, France 2004
- 5th PWA Super Grand Slam Freestyle Pozo izquierdo, Spain 2004
- 13th PWA Supercross world ranking overall 2004
- 11th in all PWA Supercross events Leucate, Costa Brava, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura 2004
- 7th PWA Freestyle World ranking overall 2003
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Finals King of the caribbean, Bonaire 2003
- 9th PWA Freestyle Fuerteventura , Winner round 1, Spain 2003
- 4th PWA wave supersession, Vargas, Spain 2003
- 1st PWA Freestyle qualifier classic andalusian bull, Tarifa, Spain 2003
- 3rd PWA Freestyle Finals king of the caribbean, Bonaire 2002
- 1st Freestyle open Margarita Wild Winds, Venezuela 2002
- XIV National Youth Sport Games Lara 2001, Venezuela 2001
Team Silver medal, individual Bronze medal windsurf Olympic mistral one design

How I started windsurfing: Helping the hundreds of tourists who visited us every year in El Yaque, I had to exchange jobs at the windsurfing schools to earn at least 1 hour of free
windsurfing and little by little I learned to become a professional.

Best windsurfing day in my life: As long as I can do windsurfing it will be the best day of my life, because you disconnect from the world.

My Goals: Life gives me a chance to return one more time, and I will give my all to promote windsurfing as a sport of hope in my refugee condition, try to help those who need it most to fulfill their dream of being a professional if it is in my hands of course.


Douglas  Diaz
Douglas  Diaz