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Dan Ellis

Dan  Ellis
Age: 46
Height: 190
Debut: 2002
Residence: United States
Nationality: British
Sails: Duotone


I started windsurfing in 1988! and was on the PWA Slalom Tour between 2005-2008 in 2009 i took the season of to get married. T

2011 Hawaii open champion
2004 UK Slalom Champion
4 x UK Racing Champion
18th PWA Race ranking 03
other results:
- 1st Marianas Open/AWT 2006
- Asian Tour Champion 2005
- UK Speed Champion 2005
- 1st Production Speed ISA World Cup Fuerte 2005
- 3rd IFCA Slalom Europeans 2005
- 8th IFCA Slalom Worlds 2005
- 9th PWA World Tour 2005
- UKWA Windsurfer of the Year 2005
- UK Slalom Champion 2004
- UK Racing Cup Champion 2003
- 12th World IFCA Slalom Championships 2003
- 18th World Championships 2003
- 15th European Championships 2002
- British Champion 2002
- British runner up 1999-2000-2001
- 1st Youth Lancelin Ocean Classic 1997
- British Youth Champion 1995,1996

Favourite maneuvre:Coming out of the last gybe mark ahead of the pack. Then smacking some big lips on my day off.

How I started:In 1988 my whole family had a lesson on a little lake, it was freezing so they gave us 2 wetsuits each! My mum was the best that day, but I thought it was the best thing in the world and I still do.

Best windsurfing day in my life:At the Fuerte World Cup with the fin from Pieter Bilj and the mast from Dave McGuiness, Arnon Dagan will sing the song for you if you ask nicely. It was the best day of my life, so far…

My Goals:Do what I have to do…

My Slogan:Live every minute of life and never waste a moment.


Duotone, Meanline Fins, Bluesmiths
Dan  Ellis
Dan  Ellis
Dan  Ellis