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Sondre Krey

Sondre  Krey
Age: 46
Height: 182
Debut: 2002
Residence: Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
Boards: Fanatic
Sails: Duotone


1st PWA event Sylt Race
I started windsurfing in 1991. The year after I started to compete in Slalom . Since then I have been 10 times Norwegian Champion in Jouth & Senior. Due to no sponsors, I had to leave my sport and dream to take aducation for some years. I have intensified my training and hours on the water to compete once more against the best in the sport I love. The last 2 seasons I have been injured with two prolapses in my back. But Im ready to roumble.
Some of my results are listed below:

2016: Nr 1 Norwegian Championship ( Slalom). Master
2016: Nr. 2 Norwegian Championship ( Slalom) Senior
2016: Nr 1 Formula cup Sola
2014: Nr 1 Norwegian Cup ( Slalom)
2014: Nr 41 Sylt World Cup
2014: Nr 52 Costa Brava World Cup
2013: Nr 1 Norwegian Championship ( Slalom)
2012: Nr 1 in all Norwegian cup participated ( Slalom)
2011: Nr 1 Norwegian Championship ( Slalom)
2010: Nr 1 Norwegian Championship ( Slalom)
2009: Nr. 14 Worlds Texel. (Slalom)
2000: Nr. 6 Worlds Paros Senior (Slalom)
1996: Nr. 4 Worlds Germany Youth (Course and Slalom)


Fanatic, Duotone, SrfSnoSk8
Sondre  Krey
Sondre  Krey
Sondre  Krey